At Flaman Physiotherapy, Kurtis Klutz practices Graston soft tissue mobilisation. 

Graston Technique (GT) is an instrument assisted variation of traditional cross fiber or transverse friction massage. The GT instruments consist of six stainless steel tools of various sizes and contours. GT is a form of treatment used to “break up” or “soften” scar tissue, thus allowing for the return of normal function in the area being treated.

Graston Technique may produce the following:
1. Local discomfort during the treatment.
2. Reddening of the skin.
3. Superficial tissue bruising.
4. Post treatment soreness.

Graston Technique is designed to minimize discomfort; however the above reactions are normal, and in some instances unavoidable.
Graston Technique has several basic components. Your clinician will determine the protocol for you. Please acknowledge you have read the above and agree to the use of this technique.